schwank-LogoSchwank offers an unmatched selection of pressure or vacuum tube heaters, and the world’s highest radiant efficiency luminous infrared heaters for commercial, industrial or residential applications. Schwank also offers four series of patio heaters in 31 models and sizes that provide comfort to any patio application, using natural gas or propane.



Schwank Indoor & Outdoor Shortwave Infrared Electric Heaters Use less energy and save on heating costs with Schwank’s revolutionary *short-wave, infrared electric heaters; a much better alternative to medium-wave electric heaters. Talk to our infrared heater experts about what models will best suit your needs for either spot heating or space heating. Outdoor Infrared Electric […]

Schwank Parasol 4000 Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater Commercial Grade Parasol Outdoor Patio Heaters What is the difference between Schwank’s Parasol Patio Outdoor Heaters and the typical parasol outdoor heater sold in big box outlets? As a commercial grade gas outdoor heater, the stainless steel, dual mantle burner is more durable and lasts significantly longer than […]

Infrared Patio Outdoor Heaters Durable, Corrosion Resistant Commercial Patio Heaters The infrared radiant tube heater design of the comfortSchwank 3000 series offers customers an efficient heavy duty outdoor heater that is economical yet ideal for wet outdoor patio applications. With many of the design features of the supremeSchwank Outdoor Patio Heater, the comfortSchwank also includes […]

supremeSchwank 2300 – Overhead Restaurant Outdoor Patio Heaters Schwank patio outdoor heaters create a warm and ambient dining experience The bistroSchwank 2100 Overhead Outdoor Heaters are great for small patios but when experience counts and you want to maximize the capacity and enhance your patio’s atmosphere and customer comfort even more, you can rely on […]

bistroSchwank 2152 – 2-Stage Outdoor Patio Heater Keep your outdoor restaurant patio open all year round! If your outdoor restaurant patio isn’t already heated, then you are leaving money on the table by relying on warm weather to keep your patio open. Thanks to the affordability and performance of the bistroSchwank 2152 – 2-Stage outdoor […]

bistroSchwank 2100 Outdoor Patio Heater Turn patios into profits! Schwank Outdoor Heaters for restaurant patios means better customer comfort, and comfortable customers order more and return to your restaurant more often. The competitive price point and energy savings of the bistroSchwank 2100 outdoor heaters make them the go-to option for every smart restaurant owner who […]