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Canned Heat

Schwank Outdoor Patio Heater – bistroSchwank – 2100 Series

Make your patio season last all year long by creating the perfect temperature and comfort level to attract more customers and increase your profits. The competitive price point of our bistroSchwank outdoor heaters makes them a go-to option for restaurant owners.

Adding heaters doesn’t mean adding eye sores, either. Our sleek heaters are available in black and stainless steel so they fit with your existing decor.

bistroSchwank is available in a single-stage mode for steady heat, and a two-stage (high/low) model that can be turned up or down and controlled with the flick of a switch. We also have several types of mounting brackets to give you total flexibility.

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Patio Design Form


  • Commercial  Patios
  • Restaurants
  • Terraces


  • 35,000-50,000 input BTU/hr
  • 44” heater length
  • Available in single-stage and 2-stage
  • Mounting options include wall, ceiling and post-mount
  • 9 ft and up mounting heights
  •  Control options include single/double/ triple switch, patio panel, and remote
  • Attractive black or stainless-steel finish
  • Optional faceplate to add a modern design
  • Made with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for restaurant, hospitality, retail applications
  • UL Certified for North America.
Available Models

SINGLE STAGE bistroSchwank

2135 35,000 BLACK – High Temperature LP MO-2135-LP
NG MO-2135-NG
2135-SS 35,000 Marine Grade Stainless Steel [316] LP MO-2135-SL
NG MO-2135-SN
2150 50,000 BLACK – High Temperature LP MO-2150-LP
NG MO-2150-NG
2150-SS 50,000 Marine Grade Stainless Steel [316] LP MO-2150-SL
NG MO-2150-SN

TWO STAGE bistroSchwank

~ 50,000 Btuh High Stage; 36,500 Btuh Low Stage – Natural Gas Only

2152 50/36,500 2-Stage – BLACK – High Temperature NG Only MO-2152-NG
2152-SS 50/36,500 2-Stage – Marine Grade Stainless Steel NG Only MO-2152-SN



Black Finish Stainless Steel Flexible Gas Connector 3/8″ x 24″ JL-0771-OD
Stainless Steel Flexible Gas Connector 1/2″ x 24″ JL-0771-XX

bistroSchwank Faceplate

BistroSchwank Faceplate Assembly Kit (316 S/S) JP-2100-FP-S
BistroSchwank Faceplate Assembly Kit (316 S/S) Painted-Black Finish JP-2100-FP-SP

24 VAC Transformer not included
See Switch Controls REQUIRED for operation of 2-Stage


bistroSchwank 2100 NG to LP CONV. KIT – NG TO LP – 2135 JX-0253-XH
CONV. KIT – NG TO LP – 2150 JX-0253-XJ
supremeSchwank 2300 NG to LP CONV. KIT – NG TO LP – 2312 JX-0253-XE
CONV. KIT – NG TO LP – 2313 JX-0253-XF
bistroSchwank 2100 LP to NG CONV. KIT – LP TO NG – 2135 JX-0252-XH
CONV. KIT – LP TO NG- 2150 JX-0252-XJ
supremeSchwank 2300 LP to NG CONV. KIT – LP TO NG – 2312 JX-0252-XE
CONV. KIT – LP TO NG – 2313 JX-0252-XF
Models 2152 & 2352 are NG Only, and Not Convertible to LP

MOUNTING OPTIONS KITS – bistroSchwank 2100 & supremeSchwank 2300 Series

bistroSchwank 2100 Series Models
supremeSchwank 2300 Series Models

Wall Mount Brackets: Mount heater at 30° angle, and combustible clearance from wall

Wall Mount Bracket: 2100 Series Models & Model 2352:
Mounts heater at 11.5″ from wall @ 30°

~ Provides combustible clearance from wall surface
~ 11″ x 7″ minimum mounting surface footprint

  • Painted Steel JP-2100-MB
  • Stainless Steel JP-2100-MB-SS


Wall Mount Bracket: Models 2312, 2313 Only:
Mounts heater at combustible clearance from wall @ 30°

  • Painted Steel JP-2300-MB
  • Stainless Steel JP-2300-MB-SS



4″ Pole Mount Assembly: 2100 & 2300 Series


Clamp Heater Bracket

  • Painted Steel JP-2300-PK
  • Stainless Steel JP-2300-PK-SS



Wall Mount Arm Kit: 2100 & 2300 Series

Locates heater 30 inches from mounting surface at 30° Angle
Hardware needed for fastening to structure is field supplied

  • Painted Steel JP-2300-MK
  • Stainless Steel JP-2300-MK-SS


Ceiling Mount Kit: 2100 & 2300 Series

Ceiling Mount Kit is Stainless Steel construction ONLY
One end shown only – two brackets are supplied

  • JP-2100-CB-K


Remote Control of patioSchwank Systems

2-Stage Illuminated Switch Control Options ~ Required for Control of 2-Stage Heater Systems Only

Wireless Control Options for Single-Stage Heaters


1) Remote Control Receiver Kit field installs in burner: REQUIRED  – JP-1236-RK 

  • Order one for each heater – High Intensity or Tube type
  • Includes receiver, wires, instructions 24Vac powered




2] Hand Set Control [four On/Off buttons]: REQUIRED – JP-1236-HS 

  • Order one for every four zones: a Zone is 1 or more heaters
  • Control up to 4 individual heaters or up to 4 zones with multiple heaters in each zone
  • At least one hand set is always required for master programming of receiver or Keypad
  • Schwank recommends ordering two hand sets for each control area [4 heaters or zones] so that a back-up hand-set is always available if one is misplaced….

OR – order one master hand set and Keypad Transmitter [below] for each 4 zones



3) Wireless Remote Control Keypad Transmitter: OPTIONAL JP-1236-KT
[Note: Above Hand Set Control is required for Master Code programming]

  • Control up to four patio zones:
  • 3 Zones with unique 4 digit PIN
  • Plus 1 zone with direct push button
  • Weather resistant: Outdoor or indoor installation
  • No more misplaced hand sets


patioPANEL ~ Central Control of Single-Stage Heater Systems

Single heater per each patioPanel switch is recommended for best comfort control

– Panel switches have 24 volt capacity



PCP-4 Up To 4 JM-0204-NT
PCP-8 Up To 8 JM-0208-NT
PCP-12 Up To 12 JM-0212-NT



supreme Schwank 2300 & bistroSchwank 2100

  • Size 24V transformer 40VA for 1st heater 20 VA for each additional heater
  • patioPanel and switches are 24 Volt capacity
  • patioPanel: Size a transformer for ALL heaters controlled by each individual panel
  • for best comfort control, assign one heater to each patioPanel switch
  • At most two 2100/2300 heaters can be assigned to each patioPanel switch
  • Remote Control: Size transformer[s] for ALL heaters installed on the patio


2-Stage Controls: Illuminated Switch Gang

Required for Control of 2-Stage Heater Systems Only

– Brushed Stainless Cover Plate; Factory Wired; Electrical Box Supplied; 24 Vac Capacity [Transformer field supplied]
Switch gangs have special “Off, On, On ” sequence required for heater operation
(Do Not Use a switch with “On, Off, On” sequence)

bistroSchwank 2152 Models
supremeSchwank 2352 Model

Single Switch Gang 1 Zone of 1 To 4 Heaters JM-0201-TS
Double Switch Gang 2 Zones: 2 To 8 Heaters JM-0202-TS
Triple Switch Gang 3 Zones: 3 To 12 Heaters JM-0203-TS



For All 2100 & 2300 Series Models

Each zone transformer is sized to suit the total number of heaters being controlled in the zone – see below for sizing guide.

Remote control of 2300 Series heaters requires a 24 volt transformer[s] sized to suit the total number of heaters installed – see below for sizing guide.

Refer to previous page for guidelines on 24 Volt control of patioSchwank heating systems

24V TRANSFORMER SIZING GUIDE: sportSchwank & patioSchwank 2300 Series heaters

  • On a single heater use one 40 VA transformer.
  • On a zone with multiple heaters, use a transformer sized at 40 VA per first heater and 20 VA per each additional heater.


40 VA Transformer 1 4″x 4″ Electrical Box Mount JL-0776-XX
100 VA Transformer Up to 4 Closed Type JL-0778-XX
150 VA Transformer Up to 6 Closed Type JL-0779-XX
200 VA Transformer Up to 9 Closed Type JL-0780-XX
250 VA Transformer Up to 11 Closed Type JL-0781-XX
350 VA Transformer Up to 16 Closed Type JL-0781-AA

See INSTALLATION MANUAL to determine gauge of distribution wire. [minimum 16 gauge].