Schwank Infrared Electric Heaters

Schwank outdoor electric heaters
Schwank Indoor & Outdoor Shortwave Infrared Electric Heaters

Use less energy and save on heating costs with Schwank’s revolutionary *short-wave, infrared electric heaters; a much better alternative to medium-wave electric heaters.

Talk to our infrared heater experts about what models will best suit your needs for either spot heating or space heating.

Outdoor Infrared Electric Heaters

Schwank’s outdoor electric heaters are built solid and feature quartz heating lamps, polished aluminum reflectors and stainless steel wire guards. Our electric outdoor heaters are ideal for:

  • Schwank outdoor heatersRestaurant Patios
  • Outdoor Smoking Areas
  • Hotel Patios
  • Balconies & Terraces
  • Outdoor Sports Venues

Indoor Infrared Electric Heaters

From the moment they are turned on Schwank’s indoor electric heaters provide instant heat and comfort.  Indoor electric heaters are ideal for:

  • Enclosed Restaurant Patios
  • Hobby Shops
  • Garages
  • Indoor Sports Venues
  • Warehousing and other industrial buildings

IEP Series of Infrared Electric Heaters

Get radiant heat at the push of a button with Schwank’s 120-volt or 240-volt infrared electric heaters. Our IEP series range between 1500 and 6000 watts.

The IEP 1520 is a wall fixed, 120 volt, 1500 watt electric infrared heater designed for indoor use only. The IEP 1524 has the same voltage and wattage but is designed for either indoor or outdoor use.

All other IEP infrared electric heater models including the IEP 2024, 4024 and 6024, are all 240 volt indoor/outdoor electric heaters that produce 2000, 4000 and 6000 watts respectfully. See our IEP Brochure for more details.

*About Short-Wave Technology

Short-wave technology provides maximum heat (up to two times that of medium-wave technology) while using much less energy.

Short-wave infrared electric heaters are also emission free, and provide a quiet, odorless heating solution to ensure your customers and patrons always remain comfortable. Learn more about infrared radiant heater technology.

Contact our infrared heater experts for information on any of our infrared heater products or for specific details about Schwank’s infrared electric heaters.


Document Type               Size      Rev. Date  
IEP Brochure       2 MB Oct 2011
IEP-1520 Manual       1.1 MB Jun 2011
IEP-1524 Manual       1.0 MB Feb 2012
IEP-2024 Manual       1.0 MB Feb 2013
IEP-4024 Manual       0.9 MB July 2014


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