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Available when you put your company name & logo on your remotes.

Just email us your logo, we generate electronic sample for approval, 4 weeks later we have your labels. No cost to you if you apply, HPC application is $.50ea. Call for more details.

Decorative Receiver Covers

Decorative Remote Receiver Cover

Made of light weight ceramic fiber and hand painted. Fits all Acumen DC receivers and other units smaller than  3.25″ X 4.25″ X 2″. Only 3.5″ tall,  5″ wide and  5.5″ deep.

Model # / Description

CFHSD / Ceramic Fiber Cover – Dark: Black with light brown accents

CFHSM / Ceramic Fiber Cover – Medium: Dark brown with light tan accents

CFHSL / Ceramic Fiber Cover – Light: Light Brown with light tan accents

Replacement Components

RCK-I/RCK-K Transmitter Wall Mounted Bracket


To keep transmitter in the same place and out of reach of children.


RCK-I / RCK-K  Heat Shield

Model # / Description

242 / Heat Shield – RCK-I & K Series

264 / Wall Mount Bracket

847 Kit / Decorative On-Off switch

WOOSK / Wall Switch


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