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White Rodgers – PTK

White Rodgers 5 + 2 Day Digital Thermostat

Programmable Digital Thermostat. Single stage heating & cooling or heat only. Battery powered for maximum compatibility. Dry contact allows Millivolt and 24V use. Two programs, one for weekdays and one for weekends. Each program has up to four separate time/temperature settings. Temperature range from 45° to  90°F. Includes 25′ of thermostat wire and connectors to mount on any millivolt valve.

This remote is compatible with the following millivolt kits: MVKN, MVK-P, MVK-NQM, MVK-PQM, UMVK-NP, MVK-EI, and MVK-HC.

Model # / Description

PTK / White Rodgers Programmable

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