HPC – Remote Control Kits – Modulating MMVK Series – Indoor Fireplace


Manual On/Off, modulating flame, remote control for use with our MMVK series kits, and/or kits from other manufacturers that use the Maxitrol GV34 valve.

  • RCK-MRoom Temperature is displayed on the LCD window of the transmitter. Use this as your guide to adjusting the flame up or down.
  • Radio frequency signal for more control flexibility.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Switch on the receiver allows flame adjustment from here if transmitter is disabled or out of reach
  • Self matching receiver for easier frequency match up.
  • Has insulated heat shield for receiver and 160° over heat shutdown to prevent damage to the receiver if it gets too hot.
  • Easy access battery drawer in receiver.
  • All required high temp (400°) wiring and batteries are included.
  • Childproof lockout mode.

This  remote is compatible with MMVK Series Millivolt Kits: MMVK-NQM, MMVK-PQM, MMVK-NQMSI, and MMVK-PQMSI

Model # / Description

RCK-M / DC, Remote Control for Maxitrol


RCK M Remote Instructions


Flames and flame colors on the website may appear differently in real life.