Evolution 360 Water Pit Series

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Evolution 360 Water Pit Series

The Evolution 360 Series has won two Vesta Awards at the HPBExpo for Best Outdoor Hearth Product and Best in Show!


HPC has been selling the ambiance of fire through being the leader in Fire Pit Inserts for many years with our wide range of shapes, sizes, and technologies. What better way to compliment fire than to add the elegance and soothing sound of a shear, running water. Our focus over 2 years ago was to develop a turnkey, self-contained water system that is universal, robust, and is cost effective for our dealers – thus evolved HPC’s new Water Pit Insert. Finally this year we are proud to introduce the Evolution 360 Series – our first in a line of Water Pit Inserts.

The Evolution 360 can be installed on practically any patio in a residential or commercial setting – no pond or pool needed! This fully assembled, plug-n-play system comes ready to install – simply level the water pit then connect water, electric, and gas. Finally, enclose with stone, veneer, stucco, etc. to match your patio décor. Operation is even simpler – three switches control the water, LED lights, and fire pit. The Evolution 360 is made of durable, weather resistant, black polyethylene and engineered to last – no on-site guesswork. It is strong enough to allow for the option of our Water Rock to be used to line the floor of the basin.

Evolution 360 Features:

  • Beautiful blue LED lights to illuminate water – hidden under scupper.
  • Auto fill system- automatically adds water when needed; Low level sensor protects pump if water supply issue.
  • Filtration- water is conditioned with a reusable, easy-to-clean filter.
  • Water pump- 3,200 gallons per hour (4,000, 4,800, 6,000gph pumps available upon request)
  • Leveling / Height Setting- four heavy, 3/4” threaded feet give flexibility of height adjustment and leveling. Easily adjusted on site with ~4” of travel.
  • Overflow feature allows water to escape safely.
  • Electrical Connection- simply with a 5-lead, 20’ cable ready to connect. Control Panel incorporates 3 push-to-reset breakers for water, LEDs & fire.
  • Fire Pit Insert: CSA Certified Remote Electronic Ignition 13SS90HWI 90k Btu, 12” burner.
  • Copper Bowls: Choose from a 4-scupper design or the new 360-degree model- both handmade with beautiful hammered copper..

We have three variations of the Evolution 360 series

Copper Fire Bowl Water Pit Insert

  • Seperate Operation of Fire with Wall Switch (optional control box available)
  • Seperate Operation of Water with Wall Switch (optional control box available)
  • Seperate Operation of Lighting with Wall Switch (optional control box available)
  • Fully Self Contained, Filtrated System


Water Pit Insert – Basin Only

Flexibility of Centerpiece of Your Choice

  • Fully Self Contained, Filtrated System


Flames and flame colors on the website may appear differently in real life.