bistroSchwank 2152 – 2-Stage Outdoor Patio Heater

 bistroSchwank 2152 outdoor patio heater
bistroSchwank 2152 – 2-Stage Outdoor Patio Heater

Keep your outdoor restaurant patio open all year round!

If your outdoor resSchwank outdoor heaterstaurant patio isn’t already heated, then you are leaving money on the table by relying on warm weather to keep your patio open.

Thanks to the affordability and performance of the bistroSchwank 2152 – 2-Stage outdoor patio heater, you can keep your patio open during colder temperatures and create the perfect patio ambiance for your customers with the flick of a switch.

Happier customers equals more profit


  • More tables during colder seasons means more customers and more profit for your restaurant.
  • Keeps patio customers happy so that they stay longer, order more and come back more often.
  • Pays for itself within one year thanks to the increase in revenue from your heated outdoor patio.
  • Eliminates the need for employees having to move heavy parasol heaters daily.


  • 2-Stage Controls to choose between two heat settings for a control comfort level that can’t be matched by any other patio heater
  • Zone Control – Control multiple zones with the flick of a switch
  • Black or Stainless Steel enclosure to enhance the aesthetics of your patio
  • Overhead mounting leaves more space for seating and keeps aisles clear
  • Weather resistance housing ensure longevity of the heater for years to come
  • Built in gas lines eliminate portable propane tanks, making the patio more efficient on your gas bill and safer for customers


  • 2 Stage Control Switch (Required) – 3 Available Sizes
  • Wall mounting brackets and arm Kits

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Schwank is the worldwide market leader and most trusted brand with over 2 million infrared heating appliances sold.

Schwank outdoor patio heaters are used across North America in popular restaurants including The Keg Restaurant, Milestones Grille/Bar, Earls Kitchen & Bar and Boston Pizza.

Get more information about our more profitable bistroSchwank Series of overhead gas, outdoor patio heaters by Schwank and replace your old, inefficient overhead or parasol heaters today:


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