bistroSchwank 2100 Outdoor Patio Heater

Outdoor patio heaters by Schwank
bistroSchwank 2100 Outdoor Patio Heater

Turn patios into profits!

Schwank Outdoor Heaters for restaurant patios means better customer comfort, and comfortable customers order more and return to your restaurant more often.

The competitive price point and energy savings of the bistroSchwank 2100 outdoor heaters make them the go-to option for every smart restaurant owner who wants to keep their paying customers happy.

bistroSchwank 2100 Outdoor patio heaterIf your outdoor restaurant patio isn’t already heated then you are leaving money on the table by relying on warm weather to keep your patio open.

If you haven’t upgraded and are still using parasol outdoor heaters or worn out, inefficient overhead heaters, your patio costs may also be much more than they should be.

Some restaurant owners still prefer Parasol Outdoor Heaters for patios, but now thanks to the affordability and performance of Schwank’s popular natural gas fired, Bistro overhead outdoor patio heaters, you can create the perfect patio ambiance for your customers while minimizing operating costs.

bistroSchwank’s affordability and performance will give you more profits immediately.

The Best Overhead Restaurant Patio Heaters

ResSchwank outdoor heaterstaurant owners who have installed our Bistro outdoor patio heaters are finding amazing results from Schwank’s infrared radiant heat technology. Our bistroSwhank outdoor heater series:

  • Effortlessly heats wide-open patios to a comfortable dining temperature
  • Eliminates the need for employees having to move heavy parasol heaters daily
  • Keeps patio customers happy so that they stay longer, order more and come back more often
  • Pays for itself within one year thanks to the increase in revenue from your heated outdoor patio

Key Benefits of bistroSchwank Outdoor Patio Heaters

The following benefits contribute to the efficiency and cost savings of the bistroSchwank infrared radiant heaters:

  • Overhead non-intrusive mounting frees more space for seating and keeps aisles clear for easy access
  • Weather resistant housing ensures longevity of the heater for years to come
  • Built in gas lines eliminate portable propane tanks, making the patio more efficient on your gas bill and safer for customers
  • Each 2100 patio outdoor heater comes with a hanging bracket; optional wall mounting brackets and arm kits are also available

Ask Us About bistroSchwank Overhead Outdoor Patio Heaters Today

Schwank is the worldwide market leader and most trusted brand with over 2 million infrared heating appliances sold.

Schwank outdoor patio heaters are used across North America in popular restaurants including The Keg Restaurant, Rosewater Restaurant, The C Lounge and the Drake Hotel.

Get more information about bistroSchwank 2100 Series of overhead gas, outdoor patio heaters by Schwank and replace your old, inefficient overhead or parasol heaters today:


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