Morso 5660 – With Blower – Wood Insert

Morso wood inserts

Not just a Cast Iron promise for a modern lifestyle…

5660-BThe Morsø 5660 is an advanced wood fireplace insert, which fully lives up to our craftsmanship traditions. The design is strict, modern and stylish, while the cast iron’s raw and living structure gives the insert a rustic tone. Our innovative insert has an advanced combustion system supplied with tertiary air, enabling the stove to comply with the strictest, modern requirements for environmentally-conscious heating. The fireplace has an extra large combustion chamber which can accommodate fuel sizes of up to 20” – for those cold winter evenings. For new home installations an optional Morsø 5660 Zero-Clearance Enclosure is available for each 5660 model (specific installation instructions apply). The recommended framing dimension for the Morsø 5660 Zero-Clearance Enclosure is: 67” H x 39¾ W X 25½ D. The fan is ”high quality adjustable 110 CFM fan that is powerful and very quiet”.

FeaturesMorso fireplaces and stoaves
• Clean-burning air wash system
• 10 year limited warranty
• Gasketed seams for tight seals
• Chromium treated internal castings for durability
• Reversible flue collar
• Non catalytic clean burn technology
• Pre-heated combustion air
• Pre-heated secondary air supply
• Removable handle

• Wood

• Dark grey

• EPA Approval

Technical Details

Maximum Heat BTU/hr) 50,000

Test Fuel Load

10.43 lbs
Particulate Emissions 4.5 grm/hr

Log Size

Max. Area Heated 2200 ft²

Firebox Dimensions

20¾”W x 11″D
Firebox opening 28¾”W x 19¼”D x 26″H
Firebox volume/capacity 1.49 ft³
Gross Weight 383 lbs
Outside Air Supply Available
Mobile Home Approved No
Washington State Compliant
Basic Clearance
(using single wall pipe top vent)
Stove to side wall 17″
Stove to top 26½”
Stove to side trim 8″
Stove to mantle 26½”


3-sided wide trim kit 40″Wx31¾”H
Blower kit

Max. Heat BTU/hr 50,000
Max. area heated 2200 ft²
Height 27 1/2″
Width 31 1/8″
Depth 18 1/8″
Log Size 20″



Installation Manual

Manuel d’Installation
CAD drawing
see drawing here


Flames and flame colors on the website may appear differently in real life.