Morso fireplaces and stoavesMorso has over 150 years of experience with the manufacture of wood-burning stoves and has always been at the forefront of developing new stove types. You can always find a Morso stove which meets your specific needs in terms of design, size, stove type and output.

Morso has been at the cutting-edge of modern woodstove design since 1853. It has a world class reputation for high-performance, Scandinavian designed cast-iron stoves. Morso’s “thinking-green” core continues to innovate environmentally-responsible combustion technology and handcrafted high-quality cast iron products, using 98% recycled material.

Morso produces some of the most energy efficient, clean burning stoves in the world:

  • Advanced wood-burning system that when used as directed is among the most environmentally-sound heating solution.
  • Meets; even surpasses the strictest environmental standards in the world, including EPA and Norwegian Standard NS 3058/3059 for the lowest particulate emissions.
  • 98% recycled material is used when handcrafting our high-quality cast iron products.
  • Actively working to reducing our ‘environmental footprint’ in terms of production practices, freight shipments, and packaging.
  • Using a wood-burning Morso stove is a positive fuel choice. Wood is a plentiful, renewable, non-fossil natural product and when used as fuel it is in effect ‘carbon-neutral’.