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Rais: Manufacturer of wood-burning stoves and stove accessories. From classical to the elegant or modern and minimalistic, these wood stoves are made in many shapes and sizes. They do have one thing in common though: The high-quality materials and the outstandingly elegant Scandinavian designs.

"Art of Fire"

At RAIS no detail is too small to overlook, no benefit too large to accommodate, and no sacrifice too big to save the harmonious fusion of design and technology.

RAIS stoves range from the classically designed, that are making a comeback thanks in part to a back-to-basics trend, to the modern stoves, that pay homage to Scandinavian design.

Regardless of the kind of stove, at RAIS there is no compromise when it comes to quality, design and functionality.




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Rais wood stoves and inserts

Rais 60

The RAIS 60 Insert is a beautiful and elegant replacement for any open fireplace. An open fireplace replaces the air four times an hour and has an efficiency of only 10%. A RAIS insert can achieve efficiencies up to 70% and better.

RAIS 60 Insert is designed to fit into an existing open fireplace or as an insert in a new setting. The RAIS 60 Insert fits into most masonry fireplaces and requires a zero clearance firebox for new construction.

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Rais Gabo Gas Stove

Gabo Gas

The unique Gabo Gas II stove has beautiful crafted ceramic logs and embers and burns with a natural fire. It is safe and clean to use, and unlike real logs, gas burning does not create ashes or soot particles. The innovative control system for this stove makes heat adjustment a very simple matter.

The Gabo Gas ll has been designed according to the best of the Rais traditions where design, quality, functionality and safety are the four corner- stones of all our production.

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Rais Gabo Wood Stove

Gabo Wood

The RAIS Gabo is a new-generation stove that embodies a unique, clean and simple design that is easy to use. Designed without an ash pan and shaker grate, RAIS Gabo has a totally-sealed firebox that ensures optimal combustion control.

This stove can be enhanced with a turntable, a flexible solution that adds dynamism to any living space and allows for a clear view of the fire and its flames from anywhere in the room.

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Rais Stoves


The RAIS Pina is the ultimate modern stove, an expression of radical new thinking in stove design. Poised on a simple base, the RAIS Pina is an elegant and unique piece of furniture that can act as a divider or focal point of any living space.

This stove can be accessorized with a turntable that can be turned through 360 degrees to offer a view of the flames from anywhere in the room. The firebox utilizes the latest in burn technology to ensure clean, efficient and responsible burning.

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Rais Stoves

Mino II

The RAIS Mino ll is a small, efficient and sophisticated stove with a glass door that offers a fascinating view of the fire and its flames.

Petite in size, the RAIS Mino ll is ideal for small spaces, such as a bedroom, kitchen or home office. The Original Air System exclusive to RAIS ensures the correct distribution of incoming primary and secondary air for optimal combustion, providing excellent heat regardless of the size of the RAIS Mino ll.

This stove is available with a functional soapstone baking compartment and steel door, and can be further accessorized with an elegant heat-retaining soapstone top plate.

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Rais Wood Stoves


Filled with warm memories, the RAIS Rondo was designed by using the concept of The Original, a tripartite stove with firewood storage, firebox and baking compartment. With updated contemporary combustion technique and high-quality materials, the RAIS Rondo is a design marvel, a modern classic. The RAIS air-cooled hollow handle, a turntable for better viewing of the fire, a soapstone top and soapstone plate for the baking compartment are optional extras. Offering a visual experience to go along with the cozy warmth, RAIS Rondo has an extra large glass pane door that invites you to lose yourself in the glow of the fire.

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Rais Wood Stoves

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